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After checking up on the latest gossip Miley happened to stumble across a post about Nick Jonas giving her a $75,000 ring, which she immediately tweeted about.

Sarcasm in check Miley updated her twitter with: “Sooo I woke up this morning and thought i’d check up on the daily gossip and apparently Nick Jonas gave me $75,000 ring? It’s all true. Ha!” She soon after updated again saying “P.S. My last tweet was very sarcastic. Don’t believe anything until I tweet it 🙂 (Unless its good news of course hehe).”

So it’s sad (sort of) but true that Nick and Miley aren’t really engaged, or “promised” to each other. Either way, they’re still super cute together.

Photo: MileyFans


Wasn’t it her break-up with Nick Jonas that called for her dark hair last time? Well let’s hope it’s not another issue between the two, but it does look like Miley died her hair dark…again!

Check out these pictures she posted on her twitter. I think it looks really good. The color is rich. (The inner wanna-be hairstylist talking in me.)

Photo: Twitter

The original American Idol and superstar Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with Miley Cyrus for a concert event called VH1 Divas.

The two, plus the likes of Leona Lewis and Adele will also be performing on the televised event!

More information regarding the air dates soon!

Photo: MileyFans

Even though Miley is sick, she still makes time to talk to Ryan Seacrest about her new movie The Last Song.

In the interview Ryan tells Miley that her single The Climb has been the most sung song so far in the American Idol auditions going on right now!

Check it out above!


If you weren’t born yesterday it’s not hard to tell that Demi Lovato has a little “fling” going on with best friend Miley Cyrus’s older brother Metro Station’s own Trace Cyrus.

The two seem to have a pretty intense twitter relationship, the things that they tweet to each other are in depth emotions. It looks like Demi’s twitter status is about Trace again.

“We can just pretend we are together right now…I miss you already.” Do you think her status is about Trace?

Photo: Demi-Lovato

What do these three shows have in common besides being super popular? They all have been nominated for an EMMY!

Be on the look out to see how these shows pan out when the Emmy’s air! Obviously their hard work has paid off. The Emmy’s are huge!

Congrats to the cast and crew of each of these shows!

Photo: Google Images

Miley Cyrus must be all about the making movies these days because she has just nabbed herself another role!

It’s a film adaptation of a fantasy novel titled ‘Wings’ written by Aprilynne Pike. Miley is set to play Laurel, a 15-year-old who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town. Adjusting to a big high school is difficult, and her suspicion that she’s not like the other kids becomes a reality when she sprouts a pair of wings and learns that she’s a fairy.

Tish Cyrus is going to executive produce this new Disney film. The catcher? This is the first of a planned four book series. Apparently this is Disney’s way of keeping their ties with Miley super close when Hannah Montana finally ends. Eek!

Photo: Mileyfans

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