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Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson (aka the JONAS girls) recently spilled a little bit more about the upcoming Disney Channel Show, JONAS, starring the Jonas Brothers.

Chelsea Staub dished to BOP Magazine that the boys are exaggerated versions of the characters, and that she heads to set around 4:30 AM each day for hair and make-up! When asked about any behind the scenes secrets she said that the fans will love the sets because they are so detailed and the rooms reflect the boys personalities in the show. She also says hair and make-up is fun because they mess around and play music.

Nicole Anderson also dished to BOP Magazine about how her character, Macy, is the boys number one fan. She also says that she actually tried out for Stella with Chelsea Staub. Chelsea ended up landing the role of Stella, then Nicole was asked to come read for the part of Macy. She says her and Chelsea met at acting class and immediately became friends.

Hmm…kind of seems like another Demi/Selena duo hitting the Disney Channel!

Photo: Nicole Gale Anderson Fansite


With Disney showing all their upcoming releases for 2009 just to tease us, I thought it would be appropriate to see what grabbed your attention more.

  • Dadnapped (14 votes)
  • Hatching Pete (6 votes)
  • JONAS (277 votes)
  • Sonny With A Chance (55 votes)
  • Princess Protection Program (71 votes)

Some of our favorite people wanted to wish everyone happy holidays!

Above: Nicole Anderson from the new Disney Channel Original series, JONAS.

Above: Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone from Wizards of Waverly Place.


Chelsea Staub from the upcoming disney series JONAS gushed about how great things are working on the show, “We’re shooting our 10th episode already. It’s just flying by. I can’t believe we’re this far along.”

She then went on to marvel at the success of her super famous co-stars the Jonas Brothers, “It’s been a roller coaster — at least for me. When I first found out I was going to do the show, it was before the guys were on the cover of Rolling Stone, before the Burnin’ Up tour. The next year, these down-to-earth guys had become huge. They were everywhere, on the cover of every magazine. Between that and being delayed by the writers’ strike, and the fact the show went through a major storyline change with the idea of them as spies being dropped, well, now we’re here, and it’s finally happening, it’s really nice.”

JONAS girls Nicole Anderson and Chelsea Staub reveal what they would do if they were President!

Chelsea Staub posted a new blog talking about JONAS and what she’s up to

The super sweet Debby Ryan fills us in on everything she’s doing. Like meeting the Jonas Brothers!

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