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Kevin Jonas was kissing girlfriend Danielle Deleasa in his car yesterday in LA. Joe and Camilla also spent the day together in LA.

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According to Page six, Kevin Jonas was seen with his girlfriend, Danielle Del Easa, at Gallagher’s Steak House before they went and saw Jersey Boys.

K2’s a Jersey boy 😛

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Check out the interview above, (and the parts below) of Selena Gomez’s interview on Radio BBC.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, oldest brother Kevin Jonas reveals the song Waitin’ on a Woman by Brad Paisley is his favorite song ever.

Kevin says: I’m a huge country fan, and this was a big country song this year for me. Brad tell such a great story: It’s about growing up and being able to wait on a woman. It’s all right if you have to change, but you can still have a woman be there for you. And he’s such a great guitar player. He’s twangy and just picking it up. He rocks that thing.”

Interesting. I remember hearing Kevin say in an interview that his guilty pleasure was country music. Guess he’s not so guilty about it anymore.

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Well, duh. Most boys do get pretty excited around girls, but you would think that a superstar like Kevin that is in a huge band that has millions and millons of fans that are girls would be used to being around them. Guess not.

Oldest brother Kevin Jonas reveals, “I have to calm myself down because I get excited. My head moves too fast and my words don’t come out as fast as my brain is working. I’ll even miss words when I am emailing or texting and it makes no sense!”

Kev also talks about not feeling the need to act like a tough guy around girls that he’s interested in. “Sometimes there is pressure to be tough, but I think it has a lot to do with jealousy, like, when other guys come around and stuff like that. For me, I’m not a jealous guy. I’m more of a protective guy.”

Awe! How cute. All the Jonas boys have amazing character traits.

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Kevin Jonas was seen out with brothers Nick, and Joe and their mom Denise Jonas at high end jewelry store, David Yurman.

There have been rumors flying around that Kev has been planning to pop the question to semi-long-time girlfriend, Danielle.

Mom, Denise has said before that she wants to be with her boys when they pick out the rings they play to propose with, and Kevin has openly talked about getting married at a young age.

21 is pretty young. What do you think?

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