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Nick and Joe Jonas were spotted on July 13th at the Honor Society show in DC.

Check out the video above of the guys who were without Kevin but with Garbo, rocking out to the show.


Kevin Jonas was kissing girlfriend Danielle Deleasa in his car yesterday in LA. Joe and Camilla also spent the day together in LA.

Photo: Google

Taylor Swift is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone [as we posted earlier] and she cleared up some confusion about the Joe Jonas break-up. Joe wrote in a myspace blog kind of hinting Taylor hung up on him. Taylor told Rolling Stone, ‘I did not hang up on him.’ Then mouthed, ‘Omigod.’ She also had some interesting things to say about love. “I’m fascinated by love rather than the principles of ‘Oh, does this guy like me?’ I love love. I love studying it and watching it. I love thinking about how we treat each other and the crazy way that one person can feel one thing and another can feel totally different. It just doesn’t take much for me to be inspired to write a song about a person, but I’m much more likely to write a song than do anything about it. You know, self-preservation.”

Man….I thought this was over. Why don’t people just stop asking her about it? It’s over and done with. LOL.

Photo: Taylor Swift Source

While Camilla Bella was dating Joe Jonas, she was photographed with ex BF Robert Pattinson. Today, when asked about the purported affair, all she says is, ‘I know what I’m doing.” When talking about romance Camilla was asked about being attractive to vampires ‘I’m not saying anything else about that.’

Photo: Camilla Belle. net

Joe Jonas was the winner in the Virgin Media Music Awards for Hottest Male of 2008.Congrats Joe!

Photo: JoeJonasFan


Shine On Media held their 1st Annual Shining Star Awards this year to honor the people who ‘ruled’ in 2008.

A lot of our favorite stars were winners or honorable mention. I figured I would post where our favorites placed here.  Remember I am posting where our favorite stars placed. So don’t point out that there are numbers missing. That just means none of our favorites placed there. Okay?


2. David Archuleta

3. Tokio Hotel

4. Jonas Brothers

Honorable Mention: 7. Demi Lovato, 8. Taylor Swift, 9. Miley Cyrus

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