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The Jonas Brothers revealed to MTV what it was like growing up with brothers 😛 As well as other things…Lke a JB video game?!


Source: MTV

It seems that MTV has taken more notice to Demi Lovato since her performance at the Kids Inagural: We Are The Future on Monday. They are now calling one of the moves she does during Get Back ‘the Matrix!’ Above is Demi‘s response.

A while back, rumors were swirling that Demi was going to be in the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. She told J-14 recently that it is not true, “I am not going to be in the Wizards movie. I don’t know how those rumors got started.”

MTV posted an article with 5 reasons why the Jonas Brothers should perform at Obama inauguration, including the picture above. It’s pretty hilarious.

MTV ran a new special called MTV Meets Miley Cyrus including interviews, behind the scenes footage and performances from Berlin, TRL and other award shows.

Josh Hutcherson reminded his myspace fans that he will be on MTV Cribs on the 17th.


MTV Cribs

Just an update:

MTV Cribs will air on MTV on January 17th. The time varies so check your local listings. It’s MTV Teen Cribs.

Hopefully you can check it out! Here’s some more info: MTV Cribs

Happy? 😛

Miley Cyrus rocked out hard to her own New Years Eve Special on MTV.

Photos: Portrait Magazine

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