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According to TMZ the MTV Movie Awards is going threw a bit of a frenzy just because of seating arangments. They actually made a joke and stated “What’s the difference between the MTV Movie Awards and a high school cafeteria at lunchtime? Nothing.”. . .


Aly Michalka celebrated her 20th birthday with some friends that some of you may know, AJ Michalka, the lovely Zanessa couple (Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens), Birtany Snow, & Jessica Stroup

Zac Efron gets down and dirty with the a topless model, Edita Vilkeviciute in April edition.

“I got pretty dirty by the end so that was fun,” he told interviewer Gus Van Sant, director of Milk. “It was definitely different from anything I’ve done before.”

Photo: Foxnews

Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens pose for a photo in the behind-the-scenes shot as Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora from the Disney favorite, Sleeping Beauty.

Photo: Google

Check out the nominees for the Kids Choice Awards underneath. Some of our favorites are up for some awards! This will make for an interesting awards in some categories. The Sprouse Brothers are up against each other in one category, Nickelodean vs. Disney shows, like every year, and Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez vs Miranda Cosgrove. It’ll be interesting to see who wins…that’s for sure.

Photos: Google

Zac Efron’s new movie ‘17 Again‘ is coming out soon and this is a promotional poster for the movie. From the looks of the previews it looks like a pretty decent movie. I’m going to go see it I think. Anyone else?


The Jonas Brothers were on People.com’s list of the Top 15 Hottest Guys at the Golden Globe Awards.

They were in spot number six. Very well deserved…=] People.com had a little snippet about them saying Joe added a pop of color, while Nick went casual with no tie, and Kevin topped his off with a bow tie.

They look dashing, don’t ya think?

Zac Efron was also on the listing in spot number nine. They say that Vanessa Hudgens was his arm candy.

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