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Photos: Corbin-b.com, Selena Fan, Taylor Swift Web

  • Alyson Stoner (52 votes)
  • Corbin Bleu (43 votes)
  • Paramore (167 votes)
  • Selena Gomez (243 votes)
  • Taylor Swift (254 votes)

Shine On Media held their 1st Annual Shining Star Awards this year to honor the people who ‘ruled’ in 2008.

A lot of our favorite stars were winners or honorable mention. I figured I would post where our favorites placed here.  Remember I am posting where our favorite stars placed. So don’t point out that there are numbers missing. That just means none of our favorites placed there. Okay?


2. David Archuleta

3. Tokio Hotel

4. Jonas Brothers

Honorable Mention: 7. Demi Lovato, 8. Taylor Swift, 9. Miley Cyrus

Corbin Bleu and his Jump In! co-star and star of the new Nick show True Jackson VP, Keke Palmer attended the NAACP Image Awards press conference at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday afternoon. Regina Taylor and Nate Parker also attended.

Photo: Corbin Bleu Online

Corbin Bleu‘s new song, Celebrate You, that premiered last night during Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve. Corbin‘s sophmore album, Speed of Light, will be dropping March 10th. There’s a preview of the first single from the album under that features scenes from his new movie, Free Style.

Will 2009 be the year of Corbin?

Video performances of Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Corbin Bleu at the Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade.

Miley‘s performance is above, whilst the rest are below.

Miley Cyrus was rocking out to Santa Clause is Coming to Town, at the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade today. It will be hosted by Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Christmas Day from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

The Jonas Brothers will also be performing Joyful Kings, while Corbin Bleu belts out a Disney original; Celebrate You

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