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Miley Cyrus was spotted out in Hollywood yesterday wearing a super cute red dress matched with a pair of black gladiator style heels.

Miley will also be performing The Climb during the 44th Annual Country Music Awards on April 5.

Photo: Miley Fans


The Beach Girlz, I should say the Beach Girl5…but the video kind of explains it…

Looks like Miley wasn’t spending Valentines Day night with her mom shopping at TopShop, but she also brought along her best friends Mandy Jiroux and Taylor Swift! I thought, why not make it a gallery.

Photos: Miss Miley Online

Mandy Jiroux and her fellow Beach Girlz member, Laura New, show their fans that they can skateboard.

Mandy and Laura skateboarding! Mandys not very good yet haha however Lauras been skating since she could walk!

Miley and Mandy uploaded a video to their Celebrity Myspace showing their fans what they see when they walk out on the streets.

Miley Cyrus headed to a nail salon in North Hollywood with her sister Brandi, and best friend Mandy Jiroux for mani-pedis on Saturday. From their they went to a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Miley was sporting the ripped look again by wearing her notoriously ripped black tights. What do you think of the look?

On Friday Miley and Brandi were seen arriving at their pilates class, picture is after the break.

The miley and mandy show is back! this epis. were talking about the parrots, the golden globes, new updates, & stopping in to say hey to the fans!

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