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MTV ran a new special called MTV Meets Miley Cyrus including interviews, behind the scenes footage and performances from Berlin, TRL and other award shows.


We’ve seen the lists of the best albums of 2008 – but what do the singers like?

“We’re all big fans of Coldplay, and their Viva la Vida is a great record. We got to meet Chris Martin recently, and it was amazing. Also, Adele. She’s nominated for a Grammy against us, but she’s incredible too.”Nick Jonas told MTV. Didn’t Adele recently slam them by saying they weren’t virgins?

Katy Perry couldn’t pick just one, two or three but four different albums she enjoyed, “My favorite album of 2008 would have to be Estelle‘s Shine. She’s one of my favorite artists. Yelle is probably my favorite artist this year. She’s French, and it’s kind of a bit avant-garde, but it’s fun. I loved the Lenka album too. Oh, and the John Legend album! Oh, so good! My favorite song of this year … I like that ‘Come Over’ song Estelle did with Sean Paul.”

Lead singer of Paramore; Hayley Williams revealed a song that’s close to her heart. “There was a song on the new H20 record, called Nothing to Prove, and the song is called ‘Disconnected’ — though that might just be the chorus [Editor’s note: The song is called ‘Static’] — and it really got me through a lot of hard times and gave me energy and confidence. I love that song, and I love that whole record.” While fellow band member Jeremy Davis shared one of his favorites “My favorite was The Alchemy Index by Thrice. They came out with basically four different EPs, and they’re all amazing. Some of my favorite records of all time, to be honest.”

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Photo: Google, Jonas-pandemonium

Check Miley out on her most recent FNMTV appearance.

She chats with host Pete Wentz on how costumes freak her out, and her brother Trace taking longer to get ready then she does.

Watch it above!


The Jonas Brothers talked to MTV about their Grammy Nomination

Taylor Lautner, Rachelle Lefevre and Edi Gathegi talk with Larry Carroll from MTV.com about Twilight.

Miley Cyrus revealed to MTV that she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and work on a country album.

“I would love to,” She said. “That’s something I would want to do.”

One of the stars she wants to collaborate with? Good Golly, it’s Miss Dolly Parton of course!

“At 16, Demi Lovato has already starred with the Jonas Brothers in the über-popular Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock,” and has another movie, “Princess Protection Program,” slated to air in January. Not to mention her album, Don’t Forget, just debuted at #2 on Billboard. But in this era of over-achieving teens (ahem, Miley), that isn’t nearly enough.”

Do you think Demi will reach superstardom like Miley’s?

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