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Rob Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart and director, Catherine Hardwicke were at the premiere of Twilight in the 3rd Rome International Film Festival on Thursday

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Taylor felt like a true American when she voted for the first time

“I watched the debates, and I read all kinds of articles on each person and each vice president and what they believe in and where their priorities are,” she told People. “I went with my gut instinct. I wavered back and forth the entire time I was waiting in line, and when I got into the voting booth, I said, ‘That’s the one I’m voting for,’ and I pressed the button. And I feel good about it!”

The reason she voted early? She’ll be filming on Ellen on November 4th and she wasn’t going to miss that

“The line wrapped around the building,” she said, “but I can honestly tell you that it was worth the wait. I felt like I really accomplished something special. It’s like exercising — you think about it, and you’re like, ‘Wow, there’s going to be a long line, there’s going to be a lot of effort involved,’ but afterwards you feel so good.”

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When Selena said to MTV that there was a Wizard’s movie coming soon, everyone thought it’d be on the big screen!

That’s not the case, according to Selena’s rep, it’s going to be a DCOM like Camp Rock and High School Musical

They wish to get it onto screen sometime next year

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Perez updated on Selena.


The upcoming, rumored, Wizards of Waverly Place movie.

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Miley’s interview with EXTRA, apparently her and Selena have made up 🙂

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