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Pack your bags crazed Rob Pattinson fans, “I’ll probably go to London and hide,” he laughed, when asked about the Twilight hysteria. “Since the day I finished shooting there’s been at least one person come up to me every single day and then after the trailer came out, at least four. It’s absolutely bizarre to me. This was before there was any systematic promotion of the movie. It’s just completely nuts.”

He then went on to explain that you shouldn’t be expecting a carbon copy of the book, “You’re not playing the book, you’re playing the adaptation otherwise it’s just impossible,”He went back to his Harry Potter debut as an example, “The book just becomes material afterwards and you can take bits and leave bits – I shouldn’t really say that or people will probably get annoyed with me. I did the same thing with Harry Potter, you just take the bits you like and which relate to your idea of the character and just abandon anything that contradicts that.”


Check out this article and photo gallery on Demi and Alyson in London before the UK Camp Rock premiere!

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Here is an interview JB and Demi had on BBC Radio

Here are some pics of Demi leaving Radio 1 in London and getting ambushed by a few fans.

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