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Source: Selena Gomez Fan

Selena Gomez left a message on her SayNow revealing that she and the rest of the cast cast of Wizards of Waverly Place had just returned from the filming in the Peurto Rican Rainforest!

Photo: Selena-Fan

Selena Gomez popped into her Myspace and left a blog for her fans.

Hey guys, i am sitting in our green room right now with my little brother jake in Puerto Rico shooting ‘wizards’. I wanted to tell you guys that we are so excited to be here shooting our first movie together.. I have to say, i cant wait for you guys to see it!

The cast and I are getting wonderful opportunities to meet our fans here in PR and they are so incredible! Not only are we grateful for ALL of you but being able to travel as a cast meeting our fans in other places is amazing! i have not stop listening to Hellogoodbye and Sarah McLachlan while i’ve been here and i love going to all the cool shops out here.

I picked up a couple of gifts for Demi, my cousin Brandon and my friend Jonathan…

Here is a picture of some of the Wizard’s Of Waverly Place cast in Puerto Rico. They are filming the WOWP movie there.

Photo: Google

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