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After checking up on the latest gossip Miley happened to stumble across a post about Nick Jonas giving her a $75,000 ring, which she immediately tweeted about.

Sarcasm in check Miley updated her twitter with: “Sooo I woke up this morning and thought i’d check up on the daily gossip and apparently Nick Jonas gave me $75,000 ring? It’s all true. Ha!” She soon after updated again saying “P.S. My last tweet was very sarcastic. Don’t believe anything until I tweet it 🙂 (Unless its good news of course hehe).”

So it’s sad (sort of) but true that Nick and Miley aren’t really engaged, or “promised” to each other. Either way, they’re still super cute together.

Photo: MileyFans


Wasn’t it her break-up with Nick Jonas that called for her dark hair last time? Well let’s hope it’s not another issue between the two, but it does look like Miley died her hair dark…again!

Check out these pictures she posted on her twitter. I think it looks really good. The color is rich. (The inner wanna-be hairstylist talking in me.)

Photo: Twitter

Nick and Joe Jonas were spotted on July 13th at the Honor Society show in DC.

Check out the video above of the guys who were without Kevin but with Garbo, rocking out to the show.

Check out Nick Jonas talking about his illness and how he doesn’t let it slow him down.

He’s been such an amazing spokesperson and role model not only to his fans, but kids and other people in general who are struggling with diabetes everyday.

The video also includes the Jonas Brothers’s new song Much Better. Watch the video above!

Her name is Bridgit Mendler, and she is Disney’s potential girl to be “the next Miley.” Disney execs say they have fallen in love with her, and she has all the attributes of a Disney star.

Bridgit has played Nick Jonas’s love interest on his own Disney show Jonas, and she has also been in four episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place. Now she is set to star opposite Jason Dolley in a new DC film titled ‘Good Luck Charlie.’

Do you think this girl is going to actually take Miley’s place, or even Selena or Demi’s? I don’t see it, but maybe you do!

Photo: Google Images

Emma Roberts revealed in a new issue of Teen Vogue that she used to have a crush on Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers.

“I used to have a crush on Nick Jonas, but he’s kind of making his rounds in Hollywood, and I don’t know if I like that.”

Finally at least one smart teenage girl in Hollywood! Haha.

Photo: Teen Vogue

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