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Could it be? Yes it can!! Cody Linley is back as Jake Ryan. Make sure to tune in Sunday 7:30/6:30c


The 19 year old Cody Linley, dishes on Hannah, dancing, to get this, skin care!

“I dance everyday.  Dancing is a passion of mine, expressing yourself by moving to music is a powerful thing.”  He expresses.

“All this stress, with work, can lead to break outs, I know it certainly does for me and many teens.  Visit AcneHeroes.com.  It’s the best place to get skin care tips.  Stay consistent with your skincare routine. Just be you.”

WOW. Who knew Cody knew all this?

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Cody Linley has decided to return to Hannah Montana for the third season. He confesses that his episode of Hannah Montana will have a crazy twist. He also talks about Miley, his upcoming indie movie Forget Me Not, and way more.

Cody Linley recorded the “winter holiday dance” for Seventeen.

I like cookies 😛

When asked who should be on next seasons Dancing With The Stars, Cody Linley replied:

That’s a tough question, but I would probably say Camp Rock’s Roshon Fegan. He’s come out to support me. He came out to the show once. He’s a good dancer. He’s really good. I think that he could probably pick up the ballroom style pretty quickly, because he’s a great hip-hop dancer. He’s got a lot of fun energy, and he’s a musician, too. I think that, since I play guitar and I’m really into music, it’s helped me with my dances — with the rhythm and the counting, and stuff like that.

Source: Bop & Tigerbeat

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Dancing With The Stars season finale is tonight & tomorrow night!

Miley Cyrus is performing tomorrow night on the results show.

Cody Linley and the other eliminated dancers are also returning tomorrow night.

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It was the end of the road for Cody Linley and Julianne Hough last night on Dancing With The Stars.

He represented Disney well! We will miss watching you Cody!

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