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Miley Cyrus Fired from Hannah Montana! DWTS/ANTM Recaps!


In an interview with OK! Magazine Drew Seeley talks about stepping out from Zac’s shadow.

“I really do feel validated in a different way now that I can step out front and center,” Drew told OK! “I’ve been waiting a really long time for this.”

But there’s no bitterness towards Zac, he wishes him the best and also believes that Troy Bolton was perfect for Zac

As well as kissing his 16 year old co-star Selena Gomez,

“Her mom was standing right there the whole time,” Drew tells OK!. “But we’re both acting professionals so we got through it.”

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Selena Gomez said in a recent interview to J-14 that she wants the Jonas Brothers on Wizards!

“I’m hoping!” she told the mag. “They’re right next door to us now, so that’ll be even easier. It would be great.”

In fact, Selena said that Joe even has a mischievous part in mind: “Joe wants to be an evil wizard. And Nick and Kevin have to be with him, so they’d have to be evil too!”

The boys being evil? I gotta see that! 😀

Thanks to Selena-fan for the WOWP promo pic

Guess everyone has to deal with bitches mean girls. 

Demi Lovato admitted that she was constantly tormented in school. She had a hate wall in the bathroom and people made a petition for others to sign titled ‘We All Hate Demi Lovato’. It was so bad that she asked to leave public school. 

I bet all those bitches mean girls are kicking themselves for what they did. 

Don’t worry Demi, we all love you. 

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Demi Lovato was menitoned along side Diddy and Jesse Ventura on E Online’s Casting Couch. 

The article mentions Demi’s new series Sonny With a Chance:

“Now that she’s back from her fab summer at Camp Rock, Demi Lovato is matriculating to Sonny With a Chance. The Disney Channel’s family-friendly comedy series riffs on the Hannah Montana show-within-a-show concept with Lovato as a Midwestern teen cast in a sketch-comedy series. Nancy McKeon is on board in a recurring role, presumably to teach our dear Demi the facts of life.”

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Here are a few fashion tips from the cast of Wizards of Waverly Place

Looks like Gossip Girl is going to be busy these coming weeks because Ms. Serena Van Der Woodsen has a new boy. 

Pictures were snapped of Blake Lively on set kissing a new love interest for her character Serena in Gossip Girl. 

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