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On her 17th birthday yesterday, Selena Gomez tweeted about wanting yellow roses. Low and behold, after “several hours of rehearsal” she came back to find a huge bouquet of beautiful yellow roses.

Turns out the mystery rose give was Taylor Swift! Looks like Selena and Taylor really do have a close friendship.

Once again, happy belated birthday to Selena Gomez!

Photo: Twitter


After checking up on the latest gossip Miley happened to stumble across a post about Nick Jonas giving her a $75,000 ring, which she immediately tweeted about.

Sarcasm in check Miley updated her twitter with: “Sooo I woke up this morning and thought i’d check up on the daily gossip and apparently Nick Jonas gave me $75,000 ring? It’s all true. Ha!” She soon after updated again saying “P.S. My last tweet was very sarcastic. Don’t believe anything until I tweet it 🙂 (Unless its good news of course hehe).”

So it’s sad (sort of) but true that Nick and Miley aren’t really engaged, or “promised” to each other. Either way, they’re still super cute together.

Photo: MileyFans

Wasn’t it her break-up with Nick Jonas that called for her dark hair last time? Well let’s hope it’s not another issue between the two, but it does look like Miley died her hair dark…again!

Check out these pictures she posted on her twitter. I think it looks really good. The color is rich. (The inner wanna-be hairstylist talking in me.)

Photo: Twitter

Be sure to watch the new episode of ABC Family’s 10 Things I Hate About You, tonight, but right after that stay tuned and check out the premiere of the new comedy Ruby and the Rockits!

The show stars Alexa Vega who is best known for roles in the Spy Kids movies and her role in Sleepover. Also in the cast are the famous Cassidy brothers, David and Patrick.

Don’t forget to watch it!

Photo: ABCFamily

The original American Idol and superstar Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with Miley Cyrus for a concert event called VH1 Divas.

The two, plus the likes of Leona Lewis and Adele will also be performing on the televised event!

More information regarding the air dates soon!

Photo: MileyFans

Check out Taylor Momsen’s new interview talking about her music and her band The Pretty Reckless.

T-Mom talks about how even those that know her are surprised at her music, but that people are finally seeing the real her.

She also touches on being called a “poser,” so be sure to watch it!

Photo: TaylorMomsenNetwork

Check out Selena’s new song titled Magic for the new soundtrack coming out for WOWP.

The album is dropping sometime in August, so be sure to grab a copy when it comes out!

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