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Sprinkle Pop has decided to support Pennies for Puppies, an organization designed to help abused animals.

The following message is from Creator Christina:

I just wanted to tell you all a little about I project I’m starting. It’s called Pennies for Puppies, and we collect extra change to aid abused dogs all over the country. I decided to do this because my little puppy was harshly abused by her original breeder, and seeing her cower like she does everyday made me want to help out. I would really, really, really appreciate it if you guys helped me out. I decided to do change (pennies, dimes, nickels, etc.) because I know the economy is failing horribly and some people can’t donate tons of money, so I thought spare pennies would be the easiest. My goal is to get $1000 by June 2010. We really need your help to make this happen. Telling everyone you know about it would help tremendously. Tell neighbors, friends, family, everyone. I know I would be so grateful and the poor puppies would be too. I put together a little video to promote my site – it’s not very good as you can tell…I’m the complete opposite of a computer wiz. But feel free to take a look at it. I do have to WARN you though: the pictures are very sad to look at, but there is a video clip included in it, and it is a true event that happened. I remember watching it on YouTube for the first time and I could barely look at it I was crying so much. It’s horrific. So shield your eyes. That’s a big warning. It’s sad but definitely true. That video just makes me more dedicated to this, though. I hope you guys can help me out!!!! It’s included in the video but those who don’t watch it, my site is penniesforpuppies.blogspot.com. Please come and visit to find out how you can help out. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
Peace & Love,

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Sprinkle Pop team HERE.




Source: Jonas HQ


The Jonas Brother are not just three Grammy-nominated, doe-eyed heartthrobs with a Disney television show and a lock on many young girls’ hearts. They’re also the stars of tweendom’s most closely watched softball team, the Road Dogs, and yesterday, to the squealing delight of their fans, they took to a makeshift field during a company picnic at AOL’s Dulles campus.

The Jonases were in town for an evening performance at the Verizon Center. The game was a promotional appearance for a private jet company and one in a series of fundraisers for the Change for the Children Foundation, a charity the brothers started a year ago to support diabetes research, Special Olympics and other causes.


But the event doubled as a morale booster for a company that has struggled to define itself in a changing market. Once famous for its dial-up Internet connection service, AOL is now largely dependent on advertising revenue, which has tanked during the recession. A 2000 merger with Time Warner that was supposed to create a communications behemoth has been so spectacularly disappointing that Time Warner recently announced plans to spin off AOL later this year.

90210’s AnnaLynne McCord was spotted at the Raise Hope for the Congo event in LA. Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone also attended.

Photo: Beautiful Girls

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone arrive at the Raise Hope for the Congo event.

Photo: JustJared

The latest celebrity auction involving our favorite young stars involves that werewolf Taylor Lautner and the gossiping Chace Crawford. Both boys personalised Messenger bags. The auction benefits that Books For Kids charity, promoting literacy among young kids by donating books to school libraries.

Click HERE for Taylor Lautner‘s bag

Click HERE for Chace Crawford‘s bag

Photos: Google Images, Socialite Life

Taylor Swift donated a long, cream-and-gold Jessica McClintock gown to Hearst Magazines’ DonateMyDress.org. The organisation is the first across the U.S. to try to bring prom dresses to the less fortunate.

“I chose to give away this prom dress because I wore it once and loved it! To keep it around, hanging there all by itself and lonely in my closet, never to be worn again, seemed a little pointless. I want another girl somewhere to feel good in it and have a great prom night because of this dress.” Taylor revealed.

Taylor‘s dress is shown above where the Country superstar poses with BFF Abigail.

Other charitible young stars include Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.

Photo: DonateMyDress.org

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