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JoBros Talk Girlfriends and T-Swift

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Jonas Brothers had a recent interview and talked girlfriends, screaming fans, and of course Taylor Swift.

Do you get girlfriend time? Nick says they try to date. Joe seconds it by saying they are always looking for love. Kevin just starts laughing which makes the other boys laugh as well.

How do you cope screaming fans? Nick and Kevin said it’s not too bad or rough. “We’ll be honest (laughing), it’s not horrible.  But you just take a step at a time. It’s at times kind of (inaudible), the screaming and all that, but it’s not always like that; it’s just what they capture on camera to put it in the movie.  But it’s fun. We love what we do and we love that our fans are so supportive and so amazing. They’re the best” Nick said. Kevin went on to say that the girls running in the chase scene from the 3D movie wasn’t staged really. That really happened a few times when they were in New York, girls coming after the cars and stuff and running after the car. Kevin said that was the inspiration for the movie’s chase scene.

Photo: Google

Were Joe and Taylor together when shooting and why she ended up being in the movie.

Joe: I think it was just.. we knew her as an artist and what a great artist she was.

Kevin: She sells a lot of records.

Joe: Yeah, she sells a lot of records. And we asked her to be in the movie, and she was up for it. She was really good. The response is amazing. You guys were there yesterday. You can tell.. Kevin: We all enjoyed the time with her. So it was a mutual kind of fun time on the set of the movie.


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