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Ask the Jonas Brothers

Posted on: February 25, 2009

Ever wanted to ask the Jonas Brothers a question? Now is your chance. PopSugar.com is giving Sprinkle Pop readers an opportunity to submit questions for the Jonas Brothers to answer.

Just be sure to leave a comment with your question!

Click HERE to view Pop Sugar’s post!

Image: Jonas HQ


No Responses Yet to "Ask the Jonas Brothers"

I have 4 different questions My first one for all three brothers: what language did they study in school and why? If they didn’t study one, what language would they want to learn and why?

my second one is for all three brothers: What was their favorite bed time story when they were young or now if they have one now and why?

my third question for all three boys: What’s their favorite verse in the bible and why? (this one I just thought of now)

my fourth question I really want to know. It’s for all three brothers: Do they know sign language like their mother does? I know their mother teaches the subject. I wondered if she taught them how to sign.

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