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Demi: The Fat Disney Girl? Are You Kidding Me?!

Posted on: February 5, 2009

Demi Lovato had a recent interview where she talked about many things in her life from her parent’s divorce, her life ambitions, the future of her careeer, and a lot more. What shocked me the most about this interview is that Demi Lovato says that she is sometimes referred to as the ‘fat’ Disney girl. “I’m Hispanic, I’ve got curves, but I like them. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when people online are like, ‘Oh, she’s the fat Disney girl.’ Really? I’m normal! This is who I am. I couldn’t lose weight if I tried”

Okay. Usually I don’t take sides in my posts, but Demi Lovato is an amazingly beautiful girl and a very gifted performer. It kind of makes me angry that people could even think of her as fat. I mean…she’s not. That really bothers me. I’m glad Demi knows that they are just haters.

Photo: Demi Lovato Daily

Do you worry about the future of your career? “Not really. I’m just enjoying it. I mean, you can’t please everyone. People say all the time, ‘Oh, she’s going to sell out,’ or whatever. But they don’t know me. I’m going to change and I’m going to evolve, but that doesn’t mean I’m turning into another person. So there’s no need for me to worry about it. Even the best of the best have to deal with haters.

How is the relationship with your dad now? “I don’t speak to my dad. I have a great stepfather. He raised me my whole life and he is my one father. I saw my biological dad a while back, but the rreunion wasn’t as happy as other people might have made it out to be. And that can be painful. It’s a part of my private life that isn’t so private. I dealt with my parents getting divorced and, you know, lots of kids go through that. Some continue to talk to their biological fathers; others call them their biological fathers. Know what I mean?

Do you have other life ambitions? “I’d like to write books and screenplays, but mainly I’d like to direct. That’s my main goal. Also, I’d like to make a difference against bullying, to show the effects it can have on somebody’s life. I left public school because of it. My classmates sent around a ‘We Hate Demi Lovato’ petition. It was ridiculous! And yet, there are kids out there who kill themselves over this sort of thing. I’m sure if I hadn’t had dreams, I could have been suicidal. Fortunately, my parents always told me not to worry about things like popularity. So I would like to maybe start an organization about depression, or about girls’ self-images. There’s so much pressure now in our industry to be thin. That’s one way that I kind of am different, I’m not super stick thin.”


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what the heck? fat? ohkay if you consider a 16 year old who is only just at 100 pounds fat then you people need some help. demi is like the smallest of the disney girls. maybe not miley…but miley is weirdly small. but demi is smaller than tiffany thorton, selena gomez, jennifer stone, and so on and so on. just the other month there was an article that said that demi was so tiny she looked like she wasnt eating and stuff. this is bull. for all you retards calling her fat, you can seriously go die or something.

I always have and still do think Demi is thin but if u look in her vid La La Land, in the bit where she’s at the premiere she has flabby bits by her arm pits (sorry bad description but don’t know how 2 put it) i have these 2 and always thought it was cos when i was 8 I was chubby, as was Demi when she was younger. This often leads to people calling me fat so it’s no surprise people call her fat in that sense but even if she was a bit chubbier then now she’d still be much prettier then some Disney Channel stars!

Oh my gosh! How could someone call her fat?!! Of all the disney girls, she has the tiniest waist. Point being made, as she said, she DOES have curves. Why do they have to compare people in the first place? Those idiots that called her the “fat Disney girl” really need to have their eyes checked because they are blind. She is a talented, healthy, and happy girl. And unlike a lot of the celebrities, she comfortable and happy with just being herself and how she looks. Seriously, if she feels this way, why can’t we all accept that? It’s just so immature how people bash celebrities, especially when they don’t even know them. It seems that those idiots are jealous of someone who earned their way their way to stardom and they can’t accept it. So they had to find someway to define and hurt Demi to make themselves feel better. Again, Demi is NOT in any way FAT! Take it from someone who knows.

Oh my god, seriously? Fat Disney girl? I think she’s one of the healthiest, prettiest ones out there! She’s only a little bit more than 100 pounds, people! How can she be FAT? And yes, like she said, she has curves, and curves are good! Besides I bet most of the population of the US would DIE for a body like hers! So anyone calling her fat, just back off! I mean seriously! I weight around 12-15 pounds more than her and I’m not even considered fat. Just because Hollywood is a thin place doesn’t mean that people can just bash someone who isn’t like everyone else. DEMI IS NOT FAT! I repeat, NOT! You don’t have to be partially anorexic to be skinny. Demi’s happy and healthy, and we should look up to her, not call her fat. So HA!

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