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2009 Disney Channel Games – CANCELLED!

Posted on: February 4, 2009

It seems like it’s the truth…the games for 2009 have offically be cancelled so that the network can focus on things that they feel are bigger and more important.

A Disney Channel spokesperson reported today: While we are proud of Disney Channel Games and its great success over the past two years, this summer we are focusing on the launch of a new pro-social initiative with Disney Channel, and Disney XD stars. Details will be announced shortly.”

The president of Disney Channel Gary Marsh hinted even as early as last month that the game could be cancelled…looks like he hinted right.

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I don’t get it! the DC games bring the views up every year for disney channel!
why stop them?

Breanna is right! Why do you have to stop the games i mean its like a tradition!…well its only been for 2 years, but still ! I mean not only do viewers have a good time watching the show the actors and actresses have a good time too!and what about the other actors and actresses who even haven’t had a chance to be on the games..sure you can wait next year.But a year is a long time to wait for! i mean i bet probably the cast of sonny with a chance would want to be on (well everyone other than Demi Lovato because she was on last year)(but that doest mean i don’t want her to be on the games)(if there was any games!!)also probably the 2 girls from the show JONAS would probably want to go too but no they HAD to cancel it.So much for seeing Disney channel stars compete…anyways,i know its already been cancelled and all but at least they should have thought long and hard about cancelling it.

thats a stupid lie marz526 they are going to be held! : P ur a lier u dont even know the opening ceremonies are june 12 and even the jonas brothers admitted it they are going to be in it to! STOP MAKING RUMORS AND LIES!

Actully they are still going on.

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