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Jennette Blogs on ‘Upcoming Stuff’

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Jenette McCurdy updated her blog reminding her fans about the episode of iCarly with youtube’s Fred as a guest star, the Kid’s Choice Awards and her upcoming album.

Photo: JennetteMcCurdy.net

Upcoming Stuff!!!

Greetings fellow earthlings.

HAPPY FREDRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you heard that youtube sensation FRED (LUCAS CRUIKSHANK!!!!) is gonna be on iCarly?! He’ll be on iCarly on Fredruary (aka February) 16th! Watch it if ya can!!!!!!!!

Speaking of iCarly, we shot an episode last week that was tons of fun. All four series cast members had some cool scenes together, and that always makes for a good time. Whoa, imagine if I said the last part of that sentence in a British accent… it would sound so cool!

Now we have a couple of weeks off of iCarly, so I wanted to tell you about some upcoming stuff I’ll be doing!

First off, this week, I’m going to be guest starring on another TV show. I’ll let you know when I can what that show is, but I CAN tell you that I’m very, very, VERY excited! The role is great and I’ll be working with a WONDERFUL cast and crew. <I look upward toward the sky with a dreamy expression upon my face.>

Also upcoming I’ll be shooting some promos with my Nick family for the KCA’s (which I can hardly wait for)! I grew up watching the Kids Choice Awards, so to now be attending them and to be working on a Nick show is simply surreal.

Regarding my CD, the single is being fed into iTunes and it’s just a matter of how long it takes iTunes to put it out. I’m continuing during my time off to write some music with my favorite song-writer and producer, Tyrone!!!!!!!! Love you, Tyrone!!!!!

In conclusion, I have a favor to ask of all of you. My friend Cody Waters is 9 years old and has brain cancer. Now is a time when he could really use your encouragement, good thoughts, and well-wishes. If you could write a little message for Cody as a post on this blog, I would really appreciate it. I plan on printing out all the comments he gets and giving them to him so he can see all of the people out there who support him. Thank you in advance to every one of you who contributes. :) .

Have a good week, everybody.

Til next Monday, Bilger Dundays! ….. haha I just rhymed unintentionally… you know, with the “Monday” and the “Dundays”… you get it. I’m leaving now. ha.


~ Jennette :)


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Hey Cody, i hope u get well soon! And Jeanette did u like the kiss with Nathan Kress? Did u like it or did u freak out? Well Bye Bye!
-Kaitlyn Alexus Couch

Bryn Allen, seen above with Todd Johnson on location in Hollywood, California, is one of our newest on-camera personalities for our sixth season of Blank Surfaces. She is a quite amazing and versatile young actor from television, stage, and screen. Look for her new segments throughout the year on our Across the Canvas programs, Kids Corporation the TV Show, and on Eno River Media Productions show Bar Chords.

For over a decade, Eno River Media Production has been contributing to our communities across North Carolina through volunteer efforts. Please visit their website to learn more about their mission.

ENO – Everyone Needs Opportunity


Across the Canvas


Hang in there, my goodness what a face.

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