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Demi & Her Dinner Parties

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Demi Lovato‘s ‘dinner parties’ have been making news lately. She dished about how they started and who has been over. She also talks about feuding with other Disney stars, liking older guys, and her character on her new television series Sonny With A Chance.

‘It sounds totally dorky. It wasn’t intended to be this huge party thing. We invited my friends over. After that, Miley and Justin came over one time. Other people would just come over. Now it’s just huge.’

Photo: Demi Lovato Daily

Disney Feuds: ‘A lot of people try to compare Selena, Miley and I, but we’re all really different. Miley is a great girl. Everyone wanted us to have a (feud), but we didn’t want to, and there’s really no need. We might be three brunette girls, but we all are really different. I don’t see the need to try and compete for a No. 1 spot.’

On boys and being single: ‘My problem is that I like older guys, so until I turn 18, I probably won’t have a public boyfriend.’

On her character Sonny, in Sonny With A Chance: ‘She’s optimistic and a go-getter. She’s very driven. She’s quirkier than I am. She’s very naïve and fragile. I’m not that naïve. Being in this business,  I was talking to Miley one time, and she was giving me advice. Sometimes the pressure can really get to you and sometimes people stab you in the back. She was like, ‘Being out here is hard, but you have to be really, really strong.’ Over a period of time, my character will learn that.’

On winning a Grammy: ‘Hopefully I can win a Grammy, or even be nominated. After this TV show, I want to do feature films and serious roles. Ultimately, I want to direct.’


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