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Posted on: January 31, 2009

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove updated her myspace blog to tell fans about David Archuleta visiting the iCarly set, being on Jimmy Kimmel, and working with The Rock!

Photo: Miranda’s Myspace

Hey! How are you guys?? I’m just on set right now and I wanted to write
a quick blog :-). Some really fun stuff has happened the last few days.
First, on sunday I got to spend the whole day with David Archuleta. He
is in an episode of iCarly thats going to be on February 7th so we
filmed a Teen Nick special together. The special is called Crush Night
and all the episodes of shows on Nick that night are going to be crush
themed! Not only did David host the night with me but he also performed
his hit song Crush! He was seriously amazing! I couldn’t believe how
great he was and I’m glad I voted for him so many times when he was on
American Idol haha. Also it’s just always fun to get to see him because
he’s so nice and fun to hang out with.
Yesterday I was on Jimmy Kimmel! It was really cool because the other
guest on the show was Eric Mcormack! He’s from Will and Grace which is
one of my favorite shows. Anyways I actually know him because I run
into him all the time at this sushi restaurant I always go to. He has a
really adorable son that actually watches iCarly so it was really cool
to get to be on the same night as him. Also I had a great time because
I have watched Jimmy Kimmel for years (I’m a night owl) and it was
really cool to get to actually be on the show. Jimmy was really funny
and it was a fun interview. Also, I just started Drivers Ed! Yay! I
have never tried to drive before but the other day on set Jerry (who
plays my brother on iCarly) actually gave me a driving lesson! I don’t
know if I should blog about it because my mom left for a few hours and
signed me over to Jerry and we never really told her he let me drive.
Oh well lol. Anyways it was so much fun! I only rolled backwards and
forward in the parking lot but it was still pretty awesome! Also I
found out later that all the writers were watching from their office
and were scared I was going to crash into their cars. hahaa
Today I got to work with “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) on a promo. He’s a
really cool guy and I had a great time. I got to wear all black like a
spy lol. Lastly, next week I’m going to be on Ryan Seacrest’s radio
show! I love him because he’s so silly and fun! 102.7 is my favorite
radio station too so it’s going to be awesome! I was on one other time
like a year or so ago but I’m sure this time it’ll be even better. I’m
going to be on Monday and I have to get up extremely early 😦 but it’s
worth it haha.
I hope school is going well for all of you guys! I have a ton of french
words to go over ugh. Literally like 200 words haha. Wish me luck. Talk
Miranda ❤


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