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Fearless Tour Dates Released!

Posted on: January 30, 2009

Taylor Swift‘s Fearless tour will go from February all the way until October of 2009. Click below for full listing of tour dates.

February 10: San Antonio, TX
March 1: Plant City, FL
March 20: Houston, TX
April 23: Evansville, IN
April 24: Jonesboro, AR
April 25: St. Louis, MO
April 30: Charleston, SC
May 1: Jacksonville, FL
May 2: Biloxi, MS

May 14: Spokane, WA
May 15: Seattle, WA
May 16: Portland ,OR
May 17: Yakima, WA
May 21: Phoenix, AZ
May 22: Los Angeles, CA
May 23: Las Vegas, NV
May 24: San Diego, CA

May 26: Salt Lake City, UT
June 4: Enterprise, AL
June 11: Baltimore, MD
June 12: Greensboro, NC
June 24: Oshkosh, WI
June 25: Caddott, WI
July 8: Calgary, Alberta
July 10: Craven, Saskatchewan
July 11: Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 16: Twin Lakes, WI
July 17: Columbus, OH
July 18: Charleston, WV
July 23: Cheyenne, WY
July 24: Rapid City, SD
July 25: Minot, ND

August 7: Detroit Lakes, MN
August 9: Omaha, NE
August 27: New York, NY
August 28: Uncasville, CT

August 29: University Park, PA
August 30: Louisville, KY
September 4: Greenville, SC
September 5: Charlotte, NC
September 10: Lafayette, LA
September 11: Bossier City, LA
September 12: Birmingham

, AL

September 25: Dallas, TX
September 26: Little Rock, AR
September 27: Tulsa, OK
October 1: Cleveland, OH
October 2: Grand Rapids, MI
October 3: Pittsburgh, PA   <—–
my city! YAY! haha.
October 8: Indianapolis, IN
October 9: Chicago, IL
October 10: Minneapolis, MN


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