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Alyson Blogs About Posers

Posted on: January 27, 2009

Alyson Stoner updated her official blog to clear up some questions about accounts claiming to be her. Check it out under!

Photo: AlysonStoner.com

I’ve noticed a growing number of blogs and posts that claim to be written by me. They share “secret information” about Camp Rock 2, or give personal phone numbers to contact. To ensure your safety, I ask that you do NOT believe anyone claiming to be me (Alyson) unless the source is AlysonStoner.com, Youtube.com/TheRealAlysonStoner, Myspace.com/AlysonStonerProject, or the SayNow #s located on my Youtube channel.


A lot of the time, people will start an account with a username that’s one or two digits/letters off of my real one, and/or send you a message saying “I have proof pictures.” Those pictures have been taken off of my old, no-longer-existing Myspace pages, and photoshopped to have their URLs on them.


I promise with all my heart that I do not have a personal myspace, facebook, xanga, bebo, or ANY personal contact online besides the ones listed above!! If you’re talking to anybody claiming to be me, it is a poser. There can be drastic consequences if you don’t know who you’re really talking to online. Please be safe! Thank you!


And by the way, not even the Jonases or Demi know what the final script of Camp Rock 2 looks like yet!  🙂


Talk soon!



2 Responses to "Alyson Blogs About Posers"

how come you can’t post anything on Alyson’s blog?

that would be nice to know…

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