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Camp Rock is a Go!

Posted on: January 22, 2009

Although the Jonas Brothers confirmed that there will be a Camp Rock sequel during their live chat on Sunday, Demi Lovato was asked by MTV at the Post Pre-Inaugural Ball if this was true. “We’re going to be shooting it at the end of the next year. Actually this year, woo! So, we’ll be shooting it late 2009 and hopefully I’ll be shooting it after I do a tour.” She gushed excitedly.

Rumor has it, Frankie Jonas will also be joining Demi and his big brothers on set.

Demi also told MTV about performing at the Kids Inauguration, “Honestly, it was a blur, because it was like, I’m standing in the presence of the first lady, but then you kind of forgot about it because she’s so normal.”

“And she’s like way down to earth. She gave me a hug, and her daughters were so sweet, and you could tell they are not fazed by anything.” She continued to dish about the first family.

Photo: Demi Source


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