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Kristen Stewart Tells It Like It Is

Posted on: January 7, 2009


Twlight starlet Kristen Stewart tells it like it is. It’s about time somebody came out and said it! In a recent interview she dished that nobody really fits into how the young actresses in Hollywood should act but they all try to. She says people look and her and ask what’s wrong with her because she doesn’t memorize answers and make people happy in interviews. “That’s like so horrifying and scary to me” she says of having to memorize her answers. “When you’re not that… you get criticized for being honest and being nervous.” She goes on to say that it’s kind of annoying getting calls from publicists asking her to be a bit ‘more bubbly’ Kristen says people get upset in the States. She doesn’t care if people understand her and says it doesn’t matter who she is, she just hopes people like the movie.

I like this girl! I didn’t like her at first, but now I do. She doesn’t try to please anyone by giving the same answers that we hear from other celebs. She’s herself and I respect her for that.

Photo: K-Stewart Fan


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